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50 Shades of Grey Trailer

Posted on by Matt Soper

Fans of the massive book series have been eagerly anticipating the release of the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer. It was filmed in Vancouver, and dropped today. Does this get you….excited……

50 Shades Of Dirty Trailer

Posted on by Crash Davis

Today the trailer for 50 Shades Of Grey came out. You know, that book that pretty much every one of you ladies have read?




The movie is coming out on Valentine’s Day next year, and if you dudes are smart, you’ll either take your lady, or be ready with some wine and flowers when she gets home. It should be a slam dunk.


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Cheerios Nails Dads

Posted on by Crash Davis

It’s too bad this commercial didn’t come out in time for Father’s Day, because it pretty much captures what it’s like being a father!



On a side note, I’m really not sure about the Peanut Butter Cheerios. Honey Nut all the way!!!


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You Want the Robot Apocalypse? Because This How You Get It!

Posted on by Ian Slipp



Introducing Hal…er… I mean Jibo.


A company is now crowd funding for Jibo… a full functioning family robot that is supposed to make all of our lives easier.   The company raised over $1 Million in it’s first day of crowd funding alone.  I think we all know how this thing is going to end.  Sentiant robot Terminator 2 style take over.


All hail Jibo.


Click here to see our demise

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Dancing Grandpa!

Posted on by Crash Davis

This might be the best thing on the internet right now…



Grandpa throws down his canes at a wedding and starts seriously getting his groove on.


Two thoughts occurred to me watching this:


1) we all hope we have his energy and enthusiasm for life at that age!

2) I wonder how long his nap was after this?

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100 ft down…. Nothing But Net

Posted on by Ian Slipp



So this isn’t as much of a “ride” as it is “complete terror”.  A new amusement part attraction in Denmark called the Sky Tower has opened up and it’s simple… a 100ft drop into a net.  Where do I not sign up for this?


Click here to see how it’s done


New James Brown Biopic Trainer!

Posted on by Crash Davis



The Mick Jagger produced film unveils the best trailer so far, in what looks like a really solid tribute to the Godfather Of Soul.


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Dez Had a Great Weekend with the JACKFORCE Once Again! Check Out our Photos!

Posted on by Dez


Dez went to a couple Farmer’s Markets around town, including the Metchosin Market & the James Bay Market! She also hit up Beacon Drive In and JACK’S Music in the Park! Check it out!

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Bobblehead Night!

Posted on by Crash Davis

Harvey Bobblehead



The Victoria Harbourcats will take on the Klamath Falls Gems again tonight at Sports Traders Diamond at Royal Athletic Park, and if you’re one of the first 1500 through the gates, they’ll hook you up!


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It’s Going to be Another Hot & Busy Weekend in the JACKFORCE!

Posted on by Dez


Join Dez for a busy weekend out in the JACKFORCE with freebies, bonus codes and a draw! She’ll be cruisin’ all over the island this weekend out in Metchosin, James Bay, Downtown, and Willows Beach!

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