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John and Yoko on Love

Posted on by Ian Slipp







Check out the latest from Blank on Blank… a PBS series that animates lost interviews with iconic celebrities.


In this one John Lennon and Yoko Ono discuss the importance of love, marriage and watching TV

Click to see the interview

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Stephen Colbert on Letterman (Video)

Posted on by Matt Soper


You’ve likely heard the news by now, Stephen Colbert will be taking over for David Letterman next year on the “Late Show”. Last night, he stopped by to discuss the eventual take over…


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Tired of the Selfie Obsession? UPDATE!

Posted on by Crash Davis

I posted this story last Wednesday, and now the clown that took the selfie, and the kick to the head, is expecting to make thousands of dollars from his stupidity.


Is it me, or should the conductor not be getting the money?



If you are tired of all the selfies, this video will make you smile…





It’s hard to see the first time you watch it through, but if you freeze it about 1.5 seconds in, this is what you’ll see…



train kick



Clearly the young lad taking the video doesn’t have enough self preservation to realize he’s a little too close to the train, but the conductor was ready and willing to let him know.





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Trestle Stunts at Goldstream Park

Posted on by Crash Davis

trestle stunt



If you’ve ever hiked up to the trestle above Niagara Canyon in Goldstream Park, you know that it’s unbelievably beautiful. It’s also a little freaky to walk out into the middle, and if you have any issues with heights, it’s not recommended. Clearly, there are a couple young men that don’t have that fear. Or any fear. Or any brains…


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So… many… doves

Posted on by Ian Slipp



Check out Canadian Magician Darcy Oake on Britain’s Got Talent last night.


Where does he keep all those birds?


click to see the act

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Hope You Enjoyed the Long Weekend! Check Out Our Photos from Easter Weekend!

Posted on by Dez


JACK went to a couple Easter Egg Hunts over the weekend and yes, there was PLENTY of Chocolate to go around! Hope you enjoyed the Long Weekend! Check out our Easter Pictures! :)

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Battle Of The 80′s: Family Sitcom Edition

Posted on by Crash Davis

battle sitcoms


Every week that we do JACK’s Awesome 80′s Weekend, we start it off by battling two 80′s things against each other. Last weekend GNR’s Patience beat out Poison’s Every Rose in our Rock Ballad Edition. This weekend, it’s the Seavers taking on the Keatons…cage match!!!


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Matt Soper Show Calls: Your Torture Tunes

Posted on by Matt Soper


Today’s topics: After its released that the CIA used Red Hot Chili Peppers music to torture prisoners, we look for your “torture” songs….


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God’s Pocket Trailer

Posted on by Ian Slipp



The trailer has been released for God’s Pocket, one of the final films of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.   In it, Hoffman plays a man trying to cover up his step-son’s death.


click to see the trailer

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Matt Soper Radio Show Calls: Clean Sheets

Posted on by Matt Soper


Each day, we gather the a bunch of calls from the show, and throw them up for all to hear. Were you the star of the show today?


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