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Fun In The (Freezing) Cold!

Posted on by Crash Davis

polar vortex



Apparently warmer temperatures are on their way to Eastern Canada, which can’t come soon enough for those poor people that don’t live on the west coast. Meanwhile, they’re not above having a little fun while they wait!



On Monday Ian Slipp posted this great video of a dude in South Porcupine, Ontario (yes, it’s really a place) on the JACK Facebook Page. Boiling water + -41C + super soaker = this!







Not to be outdone, these two dudes in Winnipeg (where it’s a balmy -30) had a good old fashioned water gun fight!







It would have been great to see them throw a full pale of water…but I guess one of them could have died of hypothermia. Not fun.




In all seriousness, this polar vortex has caused a lot of havoc, and the cleanup after it’s gone this weekend will be a lengthy one I’m sure. But at least people will be able to leave their homes and get a break from their families!!!



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